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efficient management, just a click away!

Software for real estate agents and managers

Reduce your management time by up to 60%

How does our software for real estate agents and managers work?

Centralized communication

Your landlords, tenants and suppliers with independent access to their rent.


Increase transparency and enhance your management by offering the platform to your customers.


Enhance your commercial brand by customizing the platform with your logo and colors.

360º Management

Centralize and automate all your rental management processes on a single platform.

independent portals for your customers

Centralizes communication and management processes
with independent portals

Tenant Portal

Invite your tenants to the platform to access their main rental information.

They will be able to report incidents, download their contract, invoices, receipts, send you messages, attach proof of payment and much more.

Proprietary Portal

Invites owners to access information and profitability of their properties.

You will be able to review your transactions, collections and settlements, download invoices, reports and much more!

Enhance your management, increase transparency and save time!

Portal propietario​ homming
Supplier portal

Invite your suppliers to access the incident information you assign to them.

You will receive notifications, be able to share quotes, invoices and evidence.

Have control of the incidents from their opening to their resolution.

Portal proveedor​ homming

the most interesting features for you

Simplify and professionalize your management

Manage the entire rental cycle!
Revenue and expense control

We will notify you and your tenants of any event related to your rents (expiration of contracts, payments, pending, rent updates…).

Manual and automatic events

Create events to remember contract signings, visits, cleaning services, maintenance, contract and insurance expirations, and much more!

Bank reconciliation

Import your transactions and automatically link them to properties and pending payments.
In addition, with the payment gateways we inform you of the status of rental payments.

Digital signature

Digitally sign rental contracts from any place and device. Controls the signature process and accesses signed and evidentiary documents

What do our customers say?

We work constantly to offer excellence to our clients and collaborators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! You will be able to invite your landlords and tenants to access the main information of their rentals and centralize the communication with them.

The guest will receive the invitation by email and, once registered, will have access to those properties to which he/she has been invited and will be able to view and download information such as: invoices, settlements, contracts…

Of course! Request the initial dump to our support team and we will upload all the information of your properties to your user.

Homming is 100% free for your customers, whether they are tenants, landlords or suppliers.

Still have doubts? Don't worry, we are here to help you!

Our support team will answer all your questions

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Your trusted ally

The best tool to manage properties and tenants online

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Protected data

Your information and documentation will be protected thanks to our encrypted system on our servers.

Secured payment

We know that this is a sensitive and important matter for you, that’s why all payments are made securely through a reliable payment gateway.

Guaranteed support

We accompany you from the beginning and we will always be there to help you, becoming your best ally.