Collect rent online and manage receipts of rental payment

All information about your properties always within your reach, secure and without risk of loss.

Monitor your incomes and expenses

Monitor your tenant’s rent charges, and reconcile and register your rental properties’ expenses. Even per room!

Do you manage your supplies?

Claim the expenses to your tenants and monitor any rental payment

Charges, liquidations and payment monitoring

Automate charges and liquidations to tenants, properties and providers as well as bill emissions with your management fees.

Monitor any rental payment online, complete and partial. Reconcile your properties’ incomes and expenses and claim suppliers and casualties costs.

Do you have periodic costs?

Schedule them and automate their monthly generation (or whatever frequency you require)

Any pending payment?

We send reminders to your tenants to help you with your management.

Billing and receipt system

Generate bills to your tenants and proprietaries automatically, no more handmade bills!

Personalize the serie, numeration, included concepts, taxes and retentions, and even the logo.

Generate any rental receipt automatically while adding your tenants’ payments.

Payment gateway and banking reconciliation

Forget about checking your bank accounts to know who has paid and who hasn’t! With our online rental payment platform you will be informed on the state of your rental payments.

Import bank movements and reconcile them automatically to your properties and pending payments.

Homming, your trusted ally

Protected data
Your information and documentation will be safe thanks to the encrypted system in our servers.
Assured payments
We know that’s the most important and sensitive topic. That’s why all payments take place safely through a trusted payment gateway.
Guaranteed assistance
We will accompany you from the very beginning, and will always be there to help you, becoming your best ally.

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