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Rental management

Common mistakes in comprehensive rental management

5 Common mistakes in comprehensive rental management and how to avoid them

Digitize and automate the comprehensive management of any medium to long-term rental property, including room-by-room management.

Gestión integral del alquiler

What will you findwith in this guide?

Do you manage properties? In this guide, you will discover the 5 most common mistakes in comprehensive rental management and options to avoid them.

Platform for integrated rental management

Centralized communication

Real-time messaging and communication. Receive alerts and notifications of any event related to your rentals.

Bank reconciliation and payments

Import your bank transactions. Manages payments and receipts, including per room. Generate customized invoices, payments and receipts.

Incident control

All the follow-up of incidents of owners, tenants and suppliers. Include resolution deadlines and keep track of SLAs.

Real-time reporting

Automatic and customized reports to know at all times the profitability, invoicing or pending incidents.

Testimonials from our customers

homming is a great help to us. We can channel everything to our tenants, our landlords and our suppliers.

homming for me is like a hub, where everything is united and concentrated in one place.

Optimizes end-to-end rental management

Monetize your rental portfolio like never before by leveraging technology to efficiently manage properties and ensure recurring revenue.

Key benefits:

Rentabiliza la cartera de alquileres
Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! You will be able to invite your landlords and tenants to access the main information of their rentals and centralize the communication with them.

The guest will receive the invitation by email and, once registered, will have access to those properties to which he/she has been invited and will be able to view and download information such as: invoices, settlements, contracts…

Of course! Request the initial dump to our support team and we will upload all the information of your properties to your user.

Homming is 100% free for your customers, whether they are tenants, landlords or suppliers.