real estate property management: manage your real estate in a simple way

The entire rental cycle covered

From the marketing and closing of the lease to the
termination of the contract


Your properties occupied 365 days a year.

Prealquiler homming
Generación de contratos

Contract generation

Your rental information is always at hand and secure without risk of loss.

Incomes, expenses, charges and liquidations

Not one more non-payment. Controls all income and expenses.

Movimientos, cobros y liquidaciones​
Gestión y solución de incidencias​

Incident management and resolution

Your incidents controlled and solved quickly and easily.

Analytics and reporting

Automated and customized reports.

Analítica y reporting​
Comunicación y alertas​

Communication and updates

Always on top of the most important things

Real estate management

Scale your management in one click

Gestión inmobiliaria​ homming
Calendario y agenda​

Calendar and contact list

Always on top of the most important things

Work as a team and enhance your brand

Real estate CRM with independent and multi-user access.

Trabaja en equipo y potencia tu marca​
Interacción digitalizada con accesos independientes​

Manager, Tenant, Landlord and Providers portals

Digitized interaction with independent access

Frequently Asked Questions

In homming you will be able to know the real profitability that you are getting from your rental properties, both individually and at an aggregate level, by type of property and all this in an automated way.

Yes, in homming you can add your trusted suppliers if you work with them on a regular basis (handymen, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers and more). In addition, if you wish, you can share the contact information with your tenants so that they can arrange an appointment for the resolution of the incident.

In homming we have created an intelligent control process of payments and collections related to the rental of the property so that, through an automated algorithm, you will be able to identify the status of invoices at a glance without having to check your bank accounts.

No, we provide you with the tool to facilitate the management of your rental properties. With homming you easily know the profitability of your properties, you centralize the integral management of the rental, the communication with your tenants and you can solve any incident related to your properties.

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