Your properties occupied 365 days a year

Management and publication of ads

Commercialize your propierties through our Channel Manager in the main real estate portals or your own.

Boost your properties’ ads with virtual tours, photo shoots and 2D/3D floor plans.

Management and publication of ads
Management and verification of potential tenants
Applications management and tenant scoring

Contract generation and digital signature

All information about your properties is always within your reach, secure and without risk of loss.

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Generation of contracts with templates

Automatize the generation of contracts and any other documents with your own templates. Create as many templates as you need: lease, service, reserve or management contracts.

Digital signature of documents

Ask your tenants to sign their contracts digitally anywhere and from any device, and accelerate the closing of the contract. Control the signature status and access the signed and evidentiary documents.

Any pending signature?

Schedule reminders or resend the signature requests.

Incomes, expenses, charges and liquidations

No more unpaid charges. Control every income and expense

Monitor your income and expenses

Monitor your tenant’s rent charges, and reconcile and register your rental properties’ expenses. Even per room!

Do you manage your supplies?

Claim the expenses to your tenants and monitor any unpaid charges.


Monitor your income and expenses
Charges, liquidations and control of payments
Billing and receipt system
Payment getaways and bank reconciliation

and resolution
of casualties

All your casualties monitored and solved in a few clicks.

Communication and alerts

Always aware of every important issue

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Messaging in real time

Centralize communications with tenants, access the conversation history and increase management efficiency.

If you prefer it, communicate via WhatsApp, email or phone call too.

Updates and alerts

You will be notified of any event related to your rental properties (contract expirations, insurances, pending payments, unpaid charges, rent actualizations, casualties, payment proof shared by your tenants…)

Your tenants will also be notified of any new or pending charge.

Real estate management

Scale up your management in just a click.

Calendar and contact list

Centralized events and contacts

Manual and automatic events
Create events to remind you of pending contract signings, check-ins, check-outs, rent actualizations, visits, services, cleaning, maintenance, casualties, contract expirations, insurances, certifications and much more.
Contact list
Centralize the contact information in your rental properties: tenants, proprietaries, providers, property administrators, doormen…

Work in teams and boost your brand

With independent and multiple users accesses

Management in teams

Create teams to collaborate in the same space and invite whoever you want to access property management.

Include limitless members, each with independent access to the platform.

Boost your brand

Your personalized app will be created for IOs and Android with your logo and corporate colors.

You will be provided a direct link from your webpage, for your employees as well as for your clients, tenants and proprietaries.

Your brand will also appear in emails, bills receipts, PDFs…

API for developers

Integration with any external system, be it your real estate portal, booking portal, accounting system, ERP…

Manager, tenant, proprietary and provider portals

Digitalized interaction with independent accesses

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Manager portal

Be it your own or third party properties, the management of all rental properties will be centralized end-to-end through the manager portal.

Enjoy the advantages and benefits of digitalization and automate your management.

Tenant portal

Invite your tenants to the platform for them to access the most relevant information of their rent.

They will be able to report casualties (videos, photos…), download their contract, bills, receipts, send messages, attach payment proof and much more.

Proprietary portal

Invite all proprietaries to access the information and rentability of their proprieties.

They will be able to check incomes, expenses, charges and liquidations, download bills, reports and much more. Place value on your management: improve transparency and save time!


Provider portal

Invite your providers to access the information on any casualty you assign to them.

They will receive updates, share budgets, bills and evidence.

Monitor any casualty, from opening to closure.


How to start

Who can use this software? icon-angle-down

This software is designed for any person to manage their rental property, both proprietaries and real estate managers can use our services.

If I manage a big amount of properties, would you help us dump the information? icon-angle-down

Of course! Request the initial information dump to our support team and we will upload the information on your properties in your profile.

Will I be able to manage room rentals? icon-angle-down

Yes, that’s yet another great advantage of homming. You will be able to manage room rentals effortlessly sharing bills with the tenants individually.

Do I need training to start using this tool? icon-angle-down

In homming we have developed a tool that requires no initial training to begin rental property management. However, you will always be able to access our help center or contact our support team (soporte@homming.com) for any doubt or enquiry you may have, and we work every day to continue improving our tool.

Is it compulsory to invite my tenants? icon-angle-down

It is not compulsory, but if you do not invite them, you will not benefit from the main advantages of the use of homming. Remember that, by inviting your tenants, you have centralized communication, you can charge the rent, manage casualties and much more. On the other hand, the tenant has access to their contract, bills related to their rent and any other document you may share with them.

Would you like to see the features for rental property management of our software in action?

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