Prerent: ads management and tenants verification

Your properties occupied 365 days a year

Management and publication of ads

Commercialize your propierties through our Channel Manager in the main real estate portals or your own.

Boost your properties’ ads with virtual tours, photo shoots and 2D/3D floor plans.

Management and verification of potential tenants

Add and manage leads. Filter by interests, send them the application form, and they’ll share with you all the information and documentation you may request (IDs, paychecks…)

Do you have a vacant property?

Check your history of leads and transform them to tenants with a simple click. You may not even have to publish the property in any real estate portal!

Application management and tenant scorings

Control the application funnel and quickly identify their status: open, with visit made, with reservation, closed or rejected.

Qualify applications and analyze your tenant’s solvency, thanks to our scoring system. Optimize visits prioritizing the best potential tenant profiles.

Homming, your trusted ally

Protected data
Your information and documentation will be safe thanks to the encrypted system in our servers.
Assured payments
We know that’s the most important and sensitive topic. That’s why all payments take place safely through a trusted payment gateway.
Guaranteed assistance
We will accompany you from the very beginning, and will always be there to help you, becoming your best ally.

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