About us

We look out for an efficient management

We are a Spanish startup focused on the smart management of medium and long-term rental properties.

Why smart?

Because the tool thinks for you since we have developed an update system that will keep you informed at any time of any movement that may take place in your rental properties. In Homming you will be able to manage any type of rental property: houses, a storage rooms, offices, garages, estates, stores or industrial units, anywhere and from any device.

How did Homming start?

Homming began from our experience as property managers. It was then when we discovered digitalization had not reached yet this branch of the sector. Most of the tasks we had to carry out were manual, such as checking the bank accounts in order to move them to Excel and monitor the expenses and income of each property. To this must be added the saturated communication from tenants through phone call, Whatsapp, email and, in many situations, some information was lost. What is more, we had to solve multiple casualties searching for different providers (plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and painters among others) and in the end the office filled up with document folders. We suffered from decentralized and manual management, in which we lost a lot of working time.

Seeing all this, we believed digitalization would doubtlessly help those suffering from these same problems through centralization and automation of tasks and processes. That is why we have created homming, a digital and safe tool, so that any person, be it a proprietary or a real estate manager, who manages rental properties may carry out their tasks in a central, efficient way and from anywhere and any device. In addition to this, thanks t the help of our customers, our tool is easy, simple and intuitive to ease the management of rental properties and accomplish our mission to be the best company in the real estate sector offering this type of technology.

Our mission

Digitalizing the management of medium- and long-term rental properties to make it simple, saving time and improving the experience of managers, proprietaries, tenants and providers.

What we want to achieve

We want to be the platform of reference in the complete management of medium- and long-term rental properties.

Our values

What defines us as people, professionals and make us improve our product, the service we offer and the relationship with our customers each and every day.


We always do what is right and act with honesty, among team members as well as with our customers.


We engage to reach our objectives together, building strong fellowship bonds.


We respect and appreciate our teammates and customers, their opinions, beliefs and the work they perform, without discrimination of any kind.


We work constantly to improve our product, processes and services, to fulfill the expectations of our customers and collaborators because we dare make a difference.


We love what we do and fight everyday to improve our service.

Open culture

All our team takes part in the decision making process.